Reiki Energy and the Body

Reiki /Energy Work Explained. Energy work is a holistic approach and works with your body on an individual level. This practice works with your energy fields/ Chakras and meridians on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You have 7 major chakras in your body and 12 meridians that run throughout the body, such as arms, lungs, liver kidney and spleen.

All things are infused with energy. As a species, we have been fascinated by this energy and the power it has within our bodies as well as the world around us. This energy that permeates our bodies goes my many names such as chi or consciousness.

We intuitively use Reiki /Energy work. When we were children and we hurt, we were soothed by our Mother’s caring touch. A symbolic kiss to make it better actually did ease the pain as a Mother and child used energy work to soothe and heal. We naturally hold and protect areas that we have injured and in doing so we are drawing energy work to those parts to help them recover.

Reiki/Energy Work will bring the body, mind, spirit back into harmony and peace. All the client needs to do is allow the energy flow and release any blockages. While each client has their own experience, this will put client back in to a natural state of well-being.

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