Changes as Studio Re-Opens

We appreciate your patience as we navigate through the new guidelines & changes for the studio, per the State of Illinois entering “Phase 4” of the Governor’s Restore IL. plan. We will be able to start seeing clients in the studio for private meditation and small group classes. We must follow the social distancing guidelines and cleaning & sanitizing requirements given to us. All clients new or current will be required to sign a new liability waiver.

We will require all staff and clients who enter the studio to wear their own mask. We will meet you at the door to bring you in to the studio. We will provide hand washing stations and or hand sanitizer upon arrival in to the studio. We will continue to practice the social distancing requirements to stay open and serve our clients. Clients will be required to bring their own mask, yoga mat, or camping chair (we do have hard folding chairs if needed). Once inside studio and social distancing is done we will allow mask to be taken off if you choose to. All mask must be worn where social distancing is not available.

Outdoor Meditation Classes- We will be allowed to practice outdoors together following social distance guidelines. Clients will still be required to have a mask with them and provide their own yoga mat. Pre-registration and payment will be required for this class NO WALK-INS. Class size is limited to 9 clients unless 2 teachers are attending, then we will open up to 18 clients. Yoga mats will need to be 10 ft apart during class. Fee: $10

Indoor classes- We will allow 5 people per indoor class. Strict social distancing guidelines will be followed NO EXCEPTIONS. The floor will be marked for appropriate seating and clients must provide their own mask and yoga mat or camping chair (we do have hard folding chairs if needed). Pre-registration and payment will be required for this class NO WALK-INS. Fee: $10

Zoom Classes – We are now offering Zoom classes. All classes will be posted on Facebook. Google Duo can be used for private meditation session and Reiki long -distance sessions. Fee: $25 Meditation session 45 min. Fee: $65 for 1 hour Reiki long-distance sessions.

Looking forward to serving you in a way that works for you. We will continue to add classes as our IL state guidelines open up. Thank you again for your patience and continuing to support the Mindfully Carly Studios.

All classes and events are posted on Facebook under the Mindfully Carly Page. For more info please contact us at

Namaste – Carly

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