Love Yourself First

How do we love ourselves more? How can we show our family more love? There are different kinds of love. Love for our spouse, kids, friends & even love for ourselves. Love for ourselves without judgement isn’t always easy and I find in my work is the hardest for women to do. We are caretakers & nurtures. We are the last on the totem pole to be taken care of. Stop listening to that inner mean girl & allow time & self-care for you.
Here are some questions to ask your self & be honest on how you answer them. You are only one seeing them so be kind to you & allow this time for you.
  1. Do you believe you must love others before loving yourself?
  2. Are you afraid you will become or called self-absorbed if you put yourself first?
  3. Imagine telling your family & friends that you made a promise to fall in love with yourself? Does this bring up fear?
  4. Do you feel uncomfortable putting your needs & wants before others at home or work? If yes, Why?
  5. Do you have a hard time receiving compliments?
  6. Do you ever hold yourself back from shining because you did not want others to feel bad? Or to afraid to toot your own horn?

Loving Yourself is vanity, it is sanity. -Andre Gide

Do something indulgent for yourself this week. Something that is for you only. Maybe get a massage, a haircut, go to lunch with your favorite gal pals. Whatever you feel puts you first and celebrate you! Happy Valentine’s Day. You are loved, you are so loved.

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