Optimal Health

Health Coaching provides guidance and encouragement related to the OPTAVIA program meal plans, product choices, exercise, and general direction to Clients for lifelong transformation. This program provides one-on-one support to Clients as it pertains to the Habits of Health System.


Here are the answers to the Top 10 Questions I get asked:

No.  It’s usually either cost neutral or even saves people money…. and it’s basically priceless! I spent so much dang money on things that didn’t work!

ABSOLUTELY!  I never share a picture without full permission from a client. I respect your wishes and value your trust.



You might be a little hungry for the first few days as you transition, but you’ll be eating often and eating the right things! Your body adjusts quickly and you’ll be amazed at how good you feel!



100%!  Physician created, led and recommended!  Lots of the science behind it springs from research out of Johns Hopkins University.



No. Food has all the vitamins & probiotics built right in.



Not at all.  I lost all my weight without exercise.  Exercise is a healthy habit and super helpful for weight management. We encourage it once you get to a better place.



Yes. If you have an established pattern of exercise, we will customize the program to you so you can continue your great habit!



Having me as a coach is actually FREE! (It’s included in the program). I call or video chat with you to help keep you accountable, support you with encouragement, and answer your questions with tools and resources. I am here for you during the hard times, not just for the celebrations.



No. This is your journey, not mine. If you’re not ready, or this isn’t a fit for you, that’s totally okay! I’ll be here when you are ready.  If you’d like to learn more let’s chat!